Special #3 – Free Pendant with Tarot Deck

This week’s special includes a FREE Pendant with every Nine Lives Tarot Deck. The pendants are from my range of Symbol Jewellery and make the perfect (and strikingly wearable) companion to your tarot deck. Each pendant has been handcrafted from stoneware clay, incorporating a protective and life affirming symbol.

Nine Lives Tarot + Free Pendant

It will be a surprise which pendant you receive with your order, though you can read more about the symbols and their meanings on my art website: Abolina Art

Offer ends Friday 11 December at midnight  (EST)

Thank you for visiting and take care!
Annette :)


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One Response to Special #3 – Free Pendant with Tarot Deck

  1. Diane says:

    That is so exciting. You have such beautiful pendants; anyone who takes up your offer will be absolutely delighted.

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