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Reading Cards – Tarot and Playing Cards

Comparing 2 of Cups vs 2 of Hearts

In this post I share a few comparisons between reading Tarot and Playing Cards, which may inspire you to look at playing cards in a different light. A visual side-by-side look at the cards and their meanings, comparing similarities and differences between the two systems. Continue reading

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Cards and their many Fascinating uses

Nine Lives Playing Cards ready to ship

With the playing cards only just launched, I am delighted at the positive responses and ever so grateful to everyone coming on board to support this little deck. Thank you! Wrapping and sending decks on their way to new homes around

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10 of Swords completed for AT Collaborative Deck

10 of Swords - Annette Abolins

After taking a break from the 10 of Swords, I returned to the artwork last week to work on the details and finishing touches … While I don’t believe the meaning of this card is negative, it explores and expresses difficult emotions, which

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Major Arcana Cards in Readings

Some say that if you have more than one Major Arcana card in a reading, it is significant – because it is telling you that something big is in the works – life changing… But, what if this happens a lot?

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Feeling the 10 of Swords

I have a tendency to go through the emotions of any artwork I am working on… ‘living’ my way through the story as it takes form. If you are an artist; a painter, drawer, musician or writer… I would love to hear if you have

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When the Future Veil Blows aside

Road warning illustration aa

There are times when a flash of the future crashes through the veil unannounced, often prompting an immediate response – you might describe this sort of thing as intuition or instinct, as it comes from ‘out of the blue’ without being

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Today’s Card: The King of Rods

King of Rods illustrated by Annette Abolins

The King of Rods – also known as the King of Wands, Batons, Staves, Clubs or Acorns… has come to the table today to share a few words about himself. Being a Court card, the King of Rods can seem enigmatic or even

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Playing Cards – Clubs and Hearts

The Court characters are keeping me busy with my latest project to create a set of playing cards inspired by Nine Lives Tarot. While re-painting them (standing on their heads amongst other things), I have also been learning new things about the

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Today’s Card – The Fool

The Fool - Nine Lives Tarot - illustrated by Annette Abolins

When selecting a card from my deck to post about in the ‘Today’s Card‘ topic, I find it interesting how often the chosen card seems ‘universally’ just right for the moment … After shuffling, re-shuffling and shuffling again; the card on

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YouTube review of Nine Lives Tarot

Order your deck here

The other day, by chance, I stumbled on a YouTube review of Nine Lives Tarot … This serendipitous discovery put a Big smile on my face, so I thought I would share the link to the video in this post: In

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Predictions vs out of our hands

Nine Lives Tarot - IV Swords - Annette Abolins

How important is it to be able to predict what may or may not happen next in our lives?  Do you strive for control or do you happily let go and see what may come? At times, it can be comforting to have a

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Today’s Card: The Moon

The Moon - Nine Lives Tarot by Annette Abolins

Today The Moon, was selected from Nine Lives Tarot I do like the Moon (both the one in the sky and the Tarot card) … The Moon represents our shadow side, the subconscious aspect or our Self, yet despite the ‘darkness’ it encourages intuitive and creative ways of seeing and

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Are Tarot cards always right?

Reading Nine Lives Tarot cards

Have you ever wondered if the cards in a Tarot reading really do know it all? Are the cards always right? Do they provide a ‘set in stone’ answer to whatever the question may be? Or… Does it fall back on the Tarot reader

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Today’s Card: The Knight of Swords

Nine Lives Tarot - Knight of Swords - Annette Abolins

The Knight of Swords was adamant to be chosen for ‘Today’s Card’ – having recently spent extra time with him (in the shape of an ink drawing), I thought it was quite appropriate that he should be allowed to speak for action and

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New Edition Guide Book

New Edition Nine Lives Tarot Guide

A Guide to Nine Lives Tarot cards Nine Lives Tarot includes a guide with descriptive meanings for each card; an introduction to your deck, as you journey through the artwork, listening to what the characters have to say … The first edition I

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