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Happy New Year :)

Artwork by Annette Abolins

Here’s to a happy and most creative 2016! Before embarking on new projects, this post looks back on two recent events – a group exhibition about water, with links to view my drawings. And an update on Nine Lives Playing Cards (poker size) – the winning design of the 2015 PCF Deck Design Competition. Continue reading

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Nine Lives Playing Cards – preview and update

Artwork by Annette Abolins

The artwork for Nine Lives Illustrated Playing Cards is completed and the designs are now (most excitedly) in the hands of the printers… I am hoping to have them available on the website within a week or so… so stay tuned :)

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2 Cards for Aeclectic Tarot collaborative Deck

The 5th Aeclectic Tarot collaborative deck is nearing completion, thanks to the brilliant effort put in by the two main organisers, and also the artist contributors. I have really enjoyed being part of the project and look forward to seeing the whole deck

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In with the New and out with the Old

The Fool - Nine Lives Tarot - illustrated by Annette Abolins

To me, the start of a New Year is a wonderful reminder of The Fool starting out on his or her exciting journey… New beginnings and possibilities are on the horizon and it often seems like the perfect time to take stock of where

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The Visual Story behind Nine Lives Tarot

Castle of Rods

A visual introduction to the different aspects of Nine Lives Tarot is something I have wanted to do for a while … And here it is; a collage of pictures and words describing the deck, the different suits, the artwork, symbols, characters

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Post Recaps & a new Furry Family member

The last few weeks have rushed past in a flurry of activity with heaps of work to finish, exciting events to attend, and a zillion things to organise… Also, the current December Discount on Tarot Decks has kept me busy in a fun way; with plenty of wrapping, packaging and

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Birthday Special 15% Discount

visit the new home page

Nine Lives Tarot is celebrating 1 year! To mark this exciting occasion I am offering 15% discount on ALL decks until the end of this month! The journey from creating the first ink drawings through to publishing this deck one year ago

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Today’s Card – The Fool

The Fool - Nine Lives Tarot - illustrated by Annette Abolins

When selecting a card from my deck to post about in the ‘Today’s Card‘ topic, I find it interesting how often the chosen card seems ‘universally’ just right for the moment … After shuffling, re-shuffling and shuffling again; the card on

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Predictions vs out of our hands

Nine Lives Tarot - IV Swords - Annette Abolins

How important is it to be able to predict what may or may not happen next in our lives?  Do you strive for control or do you happily let go and see what may come? At times, it can be comforting to have a

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New Edition Guide Book

New Edition Nine Lives Tarot Guide

A Guide to Nine Lives Tarot cards Nine Lives Tarot includes a guide with descriptive meanings for each card; an introduction to your deck, as you journey through the artwork, listening to what the characters have to say … The first edition I

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Drawing Update – The Visual Guide

Knight of Swords - WIP - Pen & ink Annette Abolins

In between other projects, I am busy creating a visual guide to accompany Nine Lives Tarot. This is a slow yet thoroughly enjoyable venture, where each stroke of ink on paper gives me time to delve deeper into the fascinating

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Heartbleed and Tarot

3 of Swords - Nine Lives Tarot - Annette Abolins

The Heartbleed Bug If you follow the news or browse the internet, you have probably heard about Heartbleed – a serious bug, which allows personal information and secure data to leak (or bleed)  to 3rd parties without leaving a trace. The vulnerability

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Introducing A Royal Feast

Raven guide - Annette Abolins

I discovered the talkative side of the court characters when I was creating the artwork for Nine Lives Tarot. Where other Tarot characters fell into my imagination quietly, the Royal family members invariably arrived with a long string of words…

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The Olympics, Time Lords & Tarot

Time Lord Doctor Who

I have said before that I don’t tend to use the Tarot to predict events in the future… In this post I am using the Olympics and Time Lords to illustrate the importance of living in the present :) The

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About Art and Tarot

The Tarot is persuasive, fascinating and alluring by nature; it calls upon readers to interpret the cards and beckons artists to portray the cards … and so, when inspiration comes knocking, there is little one can do but follow along

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