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Tarot Review & Kickstarter Campaign

Take a closer look at Nine Lives Tarot with some new photos and Silver Moon Cat’s review on YouTube. Also, make sure to visit my Kickstarter campaign for VIZAĜO Playing Cards – with just 9 days to go, this is your chance to jump on board :) Continue reading

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My Very First Tarot Workshop

Tarot workshop - Magick circle

I admit I was a little nervous getting ready for my very first Tarot workshop, as I find it quite daunting to talk about myself and my art … Yet, walking through the door to the peaceful Magick Circle, butterflies settled, and I found myself looking forward to what the afternoon would bring. Continue reading

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Cards and their many Fascinating uses

Nine Lives Playing Cards ready to ship

With the playing cards only just launched, I am delighted at the positive responses and ever so grateful to everyone coming on board to support this little deck. Thank you! Wrapping and sending decks on their way to new homes around

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Major Arcana Cards in Readings

Some say that if you have more than one Major Arcana card in a reading, it is significant – because it is telling you that something big is in the works – life changing… But, what if this happens a lot?

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Today’s Card: The King of Rods

King of Rods illustrated by Annette Abolins

The King of Rods – also known as the King of Wands, Batons, Staves, Clubs or Acorns… has come to the table today to share a few words about himself. Being a Court card, the King of Rods can seem enigmatic or even

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Are Tarot cards always right?

Reading Nine Lives Tarot cards

Have you ever wondered if the cards in a Tarot reading really do know it all? Are the cards always right? Do they provide a ‘set in stone’ answer to whatever the question may be? Or… Does it fall back on the Tarot reader

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Today’s Card: The Knight of Swords

Nine Lives Tarot - Knight of Swords - Annette Abolins

The Knight of Swords was adamant to be chosen for ‘Today’s Card’ – having recently spent extra time with him (in the shape of an ink drawing), I thought it was quite appropriate that he should be allowed to speak for action and

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New Edition Guide Book

New Edition Nine Lives Tarot Guide

A Guide to Nine Lives Tarot cards Nine Lives Tarot includes a guide with descriptive meanings for each card; an introduction to your deck, as you journey through the artwork, listening to what the characters have to say … The first edition I

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The Raven and the Writing desk

I am a fan of Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland and wish I could spend more of my time his stupendously concocted world of wonder; for I believe that life itself can become easier to understand, when one is surrounded by complete

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Tarot and Numerology

Tarot illustrated by Annette Abolins and Numerology

Comparing tools of Divination How do Tarot and Numerology (and other tools of divination and introspection …) compare? What type of information can you expect to glean from the cards and numbers? Is the approach different depending on the tool?

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Tarot Testimonials and Reviews

visit the new home page

It is now 4 months since Nine Lives Tarot was published and a lot has happened. Since the launch Nine Lives Tarot has: Travelled to almost every corner of the globe Brought back fascinating stories from new owners Provided insightful readings

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Tips on learning to read Tarot cards

You find yourself with a deck of Tarot cards, wondering where to start … 78 cards are looking back at you from the pile, waiting, watching … How will you read them? Which is the best way? What questions should

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Quarter-final tennis match & Tarot

4 card reading - Nine Lives Tarot

What does Australian Open tennis have to do with Tarot? Probably not much… However, with more than one Nadal fan in the house (myself included), a Tarot reading suddenly seemed like as brilliant idea, as we watched him suffer and lose the

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Who and what are Tarot cards for?

4 card reading Nine Lives Tarot

Who uses Tarot cards – what can the cards tell us? Tarot cards can be (and are) used by people from all walks of life: readers, collectors, enthusiasts,  novices … everyone :) Anyone can pick up a deck of Tarot

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