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Comparing Decks: a visual look at Nine Lives

Nine Lives Tarot and bridge size card

This post is all about comparing the 2 Nine Lives Playing Card decks. If you have both editions, this might be a fun way to see if you have spotted the variations shown here; which looks at the Jokers, courts, back design, tuck box and more … Continue reading

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Poker Size Deck and Competition Entry

Here is a preview of Nine Lives Playing Cards – the poker size deck… After a busy month of adjusting the original artwork, painting additional detail (to make use of the wider card size), and repositioning indices and other elements – the design is completed… and has been entered in the 2nd Annual PCF Deck Design Competition. Continue reading

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The Royal Wardrobe – Dressing the Courts

Royal spades - dressed in blue

This post takes a closer look at the outfits worn by the courts in Nine Lives playing cards. Find out why the Knight of Spades is dressed in blue & why the Queen of Clubs is wearing yellow… Colour brings

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Playing Cards – the Royal Diamond Pentacles

Illustrated playing card

Here are the latest characters to join my deck of playing cards: Meet the Knight, Queen and King of the Diamond – Pentacle Royal family: From Tarot to Playing Card … After working on Nine Lives Tarot for more than 3

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Playing Cards – Clubs and Hearts

The Court characters are keeping me busy with my latest project to create a set of playing cards inspired by Nine Lives Tarot. While re-painting them (standing on their heads amongst other things), I have also been learning new things about the

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Preview Nine Lives Playing Cards

In this post I’d like to share a preview of the upcoming playing cards, inspired by Nine Lives Tarot… From Tarot to Playing cards Cards in all shapes and forms have always appealed to me; and to rework the Royal Suits

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Introducing A Royal Feast

Raven guide - Annette Abolins

I discovered the talkative side of the court characters when I was creating the artwork for Nine Lives Tarot. Where other Tarot characters fell into my imagination quietly, the Royal family members invariably arrived with a long string of words…

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