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Tarot Review & Kickstarter Campaign

Take a closer look at Nine Lives Tarot with some new photos and Silver Moon Cat’s review on YouTube. Also, make sure to visit my Kickstarter campaign for VIZAĜO Playing Cards – with just 9 days to go, this is your chance to jump on board :) Continue reading

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Major Arcana Cards in Readings

Some say that if you have more than one Major Arcana card in a reading, it is significant – because it is telling you that something big is in the works – life changing… But, what if this happens a lot?

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Feeling the 10 of Swords

I have a tendency to go through the emotions of any artwork I am working on… ‘living’ my way through the story as it takes form. If you are an artist; a painter, drawer, musician or writer… I would love to hear if you have

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Today’s Card – The Fool

The Fool - Nine Lives Tarot - illustrated by Annette Abolins

When selecting a card from my deck to post about in the ‘Today’s Card‘ topic, I find it interesting how often the chosen card seems ‘universally’ just right for the moment … After shuffling, re-shuffling and shuffling again; the card on

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Nine Months & Nine Lives Tarot

Nine months is a milestone that should not go unnoticed for a Tarot deck like Nine Lives Tarot :) So, to mark this exciting occasion (which only just occurred), this post will look back briefly on the process before and

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Are Tarot cards always right?

Reading Nine Lives Tarot cards

Have you ever wondered if the cards in a Tarot reading really do know it all? Are the cards always right? Do they provide a ‘set in stone’ answer to whatever the question may be? Or… Does it fall back on the Tarot reader

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New Edition Guide Book

New Edition Nine Lives Tarot Guide

A Guide to Nine Lives Tarot cards Nine Lives Tarot includes a guide with descriptive meanings for each card; an introduction to your deck, as you journey through the artwork, listening to what the characters have to say … The first edition I

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Tarot and Numerology

Tarot illustrated by Annette Abolins and Numerology

Comparing tools of Divination How do Tarot and Numerology (and other tools of divination and introspection …) compare? What type of information can you expect to glean from the cards and numbers? Is the approach different depending on the tool?

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Signed mini card with May orders

Signed card Nine Lives Tarot by Annette Abolins

A personal touch I would love to sign each deck of Nine Lives Tarot before sending it on its way… yet as decks come from the printer wrapped in plastic, it would be a bit invasive of me to take

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Drawing Update – The Visual Guide

Knight of Swords - WIP - Pen & ink Annette Abolins

In between other projects, I am busy creating a visual guide to accompany Nine Lives Tarot. This is a slow yet thoroughly enjoyable venture, where each stroke of ink on paper gives me time to delve deeper into the fascinating

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Tarot Testimonials and Reviews

visit the new home page

It is now 4 months since Nine Lives Tarot was published and a lot has happened. Since the launch Nine Lives Tarot has: Travelled to almost every corner of the globe Brought back fascinating stories from new owners Provided insightful readings

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Nine Lives Tarot in Gnostic Forest

Nine Lives Tarot at Gnostic Forest in Woy Woy

Nine Lives Tarot – in a Shop :) If you live locally on the Central Coast NSW, or happen to be passing by on holiday or other life-adventures… Do pop into the lovely Gnostic Forest in Woy Woy, where  Nine

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Today’s Card: The Wheel of Fortune

Today…. The Wheel of Fortune sat at the very top of my well shuffled deck. To me, it seems fitting that as we leave summer and begin the autumn months (in this part of the world), we are reminded of

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The Olympics, Time Lords & Tarot

Time Lord Doctor Who

I have said before that I don’t tend to use the Tarot to predict events in the future… In this post I am using the Olympics and Time Lords to illustrate the importance of living in the present :) The

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Video: Creating Nine Lives Tarot

visit the new home page

I put together this little video; an introduction to the creative process behind Nine Lives Tarot. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls_8z396beM&w=540&h=304&rel=0] From pen & ink drawings to finished paintings and cards … Each artwork involves many hours [up to 50] of drawing and painting

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