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Reading Cards – Tarot and Playing Cards

Comparing 2 of Cups vs 2 of Hearts

In this post I share a few comparisons between reading Tarot and Playing Cards, which may inspire you to look at playing cards in a different light. A visual side-by-side look at the cards and their meanings, comparing similarities and differences between the two systems. Continue reading

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My Very First Tarot Workshop

Tarot workshop - Magick circle

I admit I was a little nervous getting ready for my very first Tarot workshop, as I find it quite daunting to talk about myself and my art … Yet, walking through the door to the peaceful Magick Circle, butterflies settled, and I found myself looking forward to what the afternoon would bring. Continue reading

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Winning Cards and a Tarot Workshop

PCF Deck Design Contest winner 2015 - Nine Lives Playing Cards

If you have followed posts here over the last few months, you’ll know I designed a poker size version of my playing cards, and entered this deck a design competition. Voting has concluded and the results are in … Continue reading

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Cards and their many Fascinating uses

Nine Lives Playing Cards ready to ship

With the playing cards only just launched, I am delighted at the positive responses and ever so grateful to everyone coming on board to support this little deck. Thank you! Wrapping and sending decks on their way to new homes around

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Painting The Empress for Aeclectic Tarot

Tarot artwork by Annette Abolins

The deadline for the 5th Collaborative Aeclectic Tarot deck has been extended to the 1st of April… Time ran away (as it does), and got the better of some of the artists who signed up in the beginning. This left a number

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10 of Swords completed for AT Collaborative Deck

10 of Swords - Annette Abolins

After taking a break from the 10 of Swords, I returned to the artwork last week to work on the details and finishing touches … While I don’t believe the meaning of this card is negative, it explores and expresses difficult emotions, which

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YouTube review of Nine Lives Tarot

Order your deck here

The other day, by chance, I stumbled on a YouTube review of Nine Lives Tarot … This serendipitous discovery put a Big smile on my face, so I thought I would share the link to the video in this post: In

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To Mothers around the World

artwork by Annette Abolins

With today being Mothers’ day in this part of the world (Australia), I would like to send a heartfelt greeting to mums around the world as recognition of the wonderful privilege it is: To be a mother To have a

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Tarot Testimonials and Reviews

visit the new home page

It is now 4 months since Nine Lives Tarot was published and a lot has happened. Since the launch Nine Lives Tarot has: Travelled to almost every corner of the globe Brought back fascinating stories from new owners Provided insightful readings

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Heartbleed and Tarot

3 of Swords - Nine Lives Tarot - Annette Abolins

The Heartbleed Bug If you follow the news or browse the internet, you have probably heard about Heartbleed – a serious bug, which allows personal information and secure data to leak (or bleed)  to 3rd parties without leaving a trace. The vulnerability

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Mapping Nine Lives

Nine Lives Map - Annette Abolins

The Map follows on from the introduction page in the graphic novel… It is a Tarot inspired landscape of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers divided by oceans in all directions of the compass. To me, there is something magical about how a

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About Art and Tarot

The Tarot is persuasive, fascinating and alluring by nature; it calls upon readers to interpret the cards and beckons artists to portray the cards … and so, when inspiration comes knocking, there is little one can do but follow along

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Today’s card: The Sun

The Sun - illustrated by Annette Abolins

When I shuffled and selected ‘Today’s Card’, my mind was focussed the positive things in life. The things that make us smile and laugh, the things we cherish the most … While these selected cards are an opportunity to show

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Who and what are Tarot cards for?

4 card reading Nine Lives Tarot

Who uses Tarot cards – what can the cards tell us? Tarot cards can be (and are) used by people from all walks of life: readers, collectors, enthusiasts,  novices … everyone :) Anyone can pick up a deck of Tarot

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Why Nine Lives?

Cat with Nine Lives

I chose to connect my Tarot cards to cats and their nine lives; because of the way the Tarot depicts the cyclic movement through life.  At no point does any Tarot card speak of finality and physical death, instead the

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